Come pitch your Beta’s

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From day one of the startup pitch we have had some strict rules on what could be posted and one of those rules was the startup or app had to be live and active for our readers to use.

We have a lot of requests from people asking for us to include beta’s and sign ups on the startup pitch so we have decided to look into it and what would be needed.

We didn’t want people to confuse launched Startups and Apps with ones in beta or in sign up phase so we solved this issue by having a separate pitch form betas. Also the betas have their own category of beta pitches and the titles for the pitches will be Beta Pitch for <company name>.

One question that came up is can a company that has had a beta pitch posted come back and do a normal pitch?

The answer is of course they can.

So if you have a Startup or App in private beta and or looking for signups then pitch it on the new beta pitch