Pitch for Zenland

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Company / App Name: Zenland


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What does it do?

Zenland is a smart contract application that helps buyers and sellers secure the deal using simple programmable contracts that receive and release payment according to the conditions written in contract code and stored on the blockchain.

Why do we need it?

Instead of other escrow services that are:
a) overpriced,
b) influenced by the human factor,
c) geographically limited,
d) centralized,
we use simple programmable contracts, a.i. smart contracts, to ensure a safe purchase or sale.

Who is it for?

For any buyer or seller of digital goods and services who wants to have a safer and simpler alternative to other existing escrow.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The use of stablecoins (1 unit is equal to $1.00) instead of Bitcoin or other cryptos as a payment ensures it does not lose its value over time and is just like you would receive/send payment in dollars (only without bank fees).

What’s next?

Zenland is currently in beta and can be tried in browser by any user (MetaMask login required) at www.zen.land.
Beta testers and new users may request funding via Telegram or Discord (https://discord.gg/gXdd8bd6Ez) to use escrow for free.

Link to Company / App Demo video