Pitch for yupeat

Company / App Name: yupeat

Twitter – @yupeat

What does it do?

Yupeat helps you make every meal special. Receive one email every day with a recipe and details on how to prepare it. Then place an order. We buy the meal ingredients for you (pilot cities – Vancouver and San Francisco).

Why do we need it?

Grocery shopping sucks. Young professionals need a way to cook a great meal without wandering aimlessly through grocery aisles deciding what to make.

Who is it for?

Yupeat is for young professionals who are tired of making the same meals every night. If you’re interested in cooking great meals, but are short on ideas and time then Yupeat is perfect for you.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There’s no shortage of websites inspring people to cook. Yupeat goes one step further by suggesting one meal per day and giving anyone around yupeat designated stores a personal shopper to buy ingredients for that meal

What’s next?

We’re currently piloting our service in Vancouver and San Francisco and will focus intensely on making every user’s experience great. We’ll also be exploring other cities based on user interest – so be sure to sign up!

Pitch Video