Pitch for Youtree


Company / App Name: Youtree


What does it do?

Youtree is a free Chrome extension that plants trees for free when users shop online. When a user shops at a webshop within our network (of thousands of sites), we receive a small fee which will be used to plant trees.

Why do we need it?

Because this way we can all make the world a bit better, with something we already do: online shopping. This way it doesn’t cost the user any effort or money to make a difference.

Who is it for?

People that shop online, whether that be clothes, flights, electronics, or anything else.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Well, there aren’t really many other extensions that do the same. It’s a new concept, and the beauty is that it doesn’t cost the user any effort or money to do something good. Registration isn’t necessary either.

What’s next?

We will continually improve our extension to make sure we can make the most impact and the best user experience possible. E Commerce is a trillion dollar economy. Imagine how many trees we could plant if everyone used this free extension!