Pitch for Worpra

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Company / App Name: Worpra


Twitter – @worpra

What does it do?

AI Powered Online Data Tool Simplifying Data Analysis and Chart and Graph Drawing Using Natural Language. No Expertise Required to Transform Raw Data into Valuable Insights.

Why do we need it?

Knowing how to get results and insights from data takes skill and knowledge. By having a conversational interface to your data allows many more people to obtain the information and insights they want.

Who is it for?

Casual users of data such as executives and managers as well as people who work with data in accountancy, marketing, finance, e-commerce, government, academia, etc.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

People are turning to chatbots for advice. Data is not the obvious use case for a chatbot but Worpra will make it so, starting with letting users see data visually on charts which ChatGPT doesn’t do.

What’s next?

Further integration of bespoke data applications to power the data capabilities of the user friendly conversational front end.