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Company / App Name: Weezic. We. Play. Music

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What does it do?

Weezic is the place to play classical music.
Print your sheet music in one click and access a world of applications around the music work: play accompanied by our virtual orchestra, share your interpretations and have fun while learning.

Why do we need it?

Classical music often goes with disheartening rehearsal at home alone. Weezic makes practicing classical music more spontaneous, vibrant and stimulating. Don’t play music alone in your room anymore, go out and have fun on Weezic.com!

Who is it for?

Weezic is the place for classical musicians of all ages and all levels. Everyone can enjoy playing all major classical works with orchestra accompaniments and have fun learning with our advanced edutainment applications (available soon).

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Weezic is the first website bringing rich internet applications to classical music. Content is organised like nowhere else, and advanced digital music technologies allow unlimited innovation in edutainment applications for fun and learning

What’s next?

Weezic is in beta version. During the beta you can subscribe and access the whole website for free. The number of works available will increase progressively over the next few months. And many new applications will be added in the future.