Pitch for UpdateSiteNow

Company / App Name: UpdateSiteNow

Twitter – updatesitenow

What does it do?

UpdateSiteNow helps website owners update their site easily, more often and from wherever they are.

No coding. No CMS. Just email/SMS us and a corner of your website gets updated instantly.

Why do we need it?

More than 70% of websites are not updated for at least 6 months. Companies don’t tend to do this because of external dependencies, time and costs involved in the simple task of updating their websites. UpdateSiteNow changes that.

Who is it for?

website owners, webmasters, web design agencies, web architects and corporate communication managers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

first of its kind website where users can update their website from wherever they are using just their email or SMS

What’s next?

ambitious. a way to update an entire website through email. We want to do to websites what Posterous did to blogging.

Pitch Video