Pitch for Tringify | Click-to-Call service for your website in minutes

Company / App Name: Tringify | Click-to-Call service for your website in minutes

Twitter – Utility

What does it do?

Click-To-Call technology provides a way for website visitors to connect with the website owner over the phone in real time, by simply clicking a widget. Tringify makes it really easy and affordable to add click-to-call service to your site

Why do we need it?

-Increased Lead Conversion
-Reduced Website abandonment
-High customer satisfaction
– Maximized Return on investments and much more…

Do not lose on customers that mean business, Start today

Who is it for?

Do you want each of your website visitor to speak to you?
Do you wish to provide attentive, helpful, and timely service?
If you answer yes, then Tringify is for you.
Generally speaking Services based small businesses

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Easy to install
Top quality user experience
Reliable and Scalable service
Affordable pay as you go monthly plans

What’s next?

Gain, initial customers and then add more features such as Call recording, voicemail etc

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