Pitch for Symlex VPN

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Company / App Name: Symlex VPN


Twitter – https://twitter.com/SymlexVPN

What does it do?

A VPN is a tool that allows for establishing a secure and encrypted connection between the device and the internet.

Why do we need it?

VPNs provide privacy, security, access to restricted content, and remote access. They encrypt internet traffic and hide IP address, protecting users online.

Who is it for?

VPNs can be beneficial for anyone who values privacy and security online, including individuals, businesses, and organizations.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our VPN stands out by offering robust encryption, a no-logs policy, fast speeds, global server coverage, and additional features like double VPN.

What’s next?

The next actions for our VPN could include promoting the redesigned app & highlighting added features like loyalty memberships. Improve the user experience to attract more customers. Expand server coverage, improve connection speeds, etc

Link to Company / App Demo video