Pitch for SMS-iT

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Company / App Name: SMS-iT


Twitter – sms_ai

What does it do?

Smart 2-Way Omnichannel Messaging Platform, for Businesses, IoT, Metaverse & Blockchain. We make it easy and cheap to intelligently send or receive unlimited SMS, RCS, MMS, voice, email, chat & fax messages or engage in 1-on-1 conversations

Why do we need it?

-For affordable omnichannel messaging worldwide at the cheapest rates
-Build your TCPA compliant list for text message marketing
-Bring intelligent omnichannel messaging to IoT, the Metaverse, and the Blockchain
-Smart API

Who is it for?

-Businesses that don’t have an SMS list for marketing
-Companies that need OTP (One Time Passwords) for their business operations
-Tech Startups
-Medium – Large Businesses
-Marketing Agencies and Departments

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

All-In-One 2-Way Omnichannel Marketing and Messaging Platform using Web 3.0 Technology, built for businesses, IoT, the Metaverse and the Blockchain, with a database of 1 billion + segmented mobile #’s of potential customers to build your list

What’s next?

-NFT Marketing
-Grow Team
-Grow Customer base and Share of Market
-More Strategic Partnerships
-Become a Tier 1 Telecommunications company
-Blockchain Network
-AR / VR integration

Link to Company / App Demo video