Pitch for SimplyCast

Company / App Name: SimplyCast

Twitter – SimplyCast

What does it do?

The world’s first 10-in-1 multichannel marketing solution. Market via email, fax, sms, and more through one integrated solution. Pricing through credit, pay-as-you-go, and contact based plans. Also take advantage of powerful reporting.

Why do we need it?

No longer do you have to manage multiple accounts for marketing, at SimplyCast we combine all the channels you need to market on in one place. By using SimplyCast you reach your customers on THEIR preferred mode of communication. Effective.

Who is it for?

Small to Medium sized businesses who require a low-cost marketing solution who would like to take advantage of several marketing channels.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Many competitors have three, even four additional marketing channels integrated with their solution but at SimplyCast we have managed to bring 10 channels together. Look no further for your one-stop online marketing shop.

What’s next?

Many more exciting marketing channels will be coming in the future from SimplyCast.

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