Pitch for Silver PM Jewelry


Company / App Name: Silver PM Jewelry


What does it do?

We provide our customers with high quality jewelry (primarily Sterling Silver pieces) at reasonable and competitive prices. “Wonderfully Unique Jewelry” is our tagline.

Why do we need it?

You don’t; no one really needs jewelry, however, it does serve as a way to express ones own individuality and style. Jewelry also serves as a collectible product, or even an art-form to craftsmen.

Who is it for?

Jewelry is for anyone and everyone who sees the beauty in it. Jewelry is often used to commemorate an important event, it’s a popular item to gift, and jewelry is especially for those who express themselves through fashion and design.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– Superior quality and craftsmanship. USA made
– Fair prices – our markup is far less than the industry average of 66%
– Dedication to customer satisfaction is paramount

What’s next?

Our inventory includes a wide range of affordable jewelry; next, we roll out a wholesale distribution model making our jewelry accessible to more people.

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