Pitch for SearchTeam

Company / App Name: SearchTeam

Twitter – SearchTeam

What does it do?

SearchTeam allows users to search in a convenient, logical way and then organize those results in a personal SearchSpace where collaborators can rank, discuss, and add results to.

Why do we need it?

In the era of exploding web applications and information, SearchTeam merges aspects of different search engines and results sharing into one application. In this way, information is curated and able to be easily used.

Who is it for?

SearchTeam is for any searcher! From the individual who is working on a solo project to the group working on a group project, searchers will find SearchTeam significantly makes researching easier by making the process of organization easy.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

SearchTeam is the world’s first real-time collaborative search engine. There are many collaborative search engines out there, but none have the features SearchTeam has for organization, much less the power brought by real-time.

What’s next?

SearchTeam will continue to make enhancements to its already attractive user interface and become wider used by the public. It is nearing the end of its beta stage and getting ready for launch very soon.

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