Pitch for Scaleo


Company / App Name: Scaleo

Twitter – @scaleo_io

What does it do?

Scaleo is a cutting-edge affiliate marketing solution. You can signup and launch your own affiliate network in minutes! Scaleo is packed with AI features, which allow you to track, analyze, and optimize your campaign in real-time.

Why do we need it?

For anyone looking for an eye-candy design with unbeatable functionality, a powerful backend with dozens of innovative features, including ultra-fast redirects, 10+ targeting options, custom notifications – Scaleo is a great solution.

Who is it for?

Advertisers and affiliate networks.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Easy integration with: Google Tag Manager (GTM) for Cookies-based Tracking, Shopify, Woocommerce, Tilda, Wix, Big Commerce, Magento, CS-Cart, OpenCart, Squarespace, and many others. Fastest report generation, eye-candy design.

What’s next?

We are constantly working on developing our software, adding more AI-powered features.

Link to Company / App Demo video