Pitch for rewind


Company / App Name: rewind


Twitter – https://twitter.com/rewind_life

What does it do?

save, organise & share (only if you want to)
your personal, social & forgotten memories
from your birth to the present day
on a completely private timeline, visible only to you
with no algorithms, adverts, data sharing or analysis

Why do we need it?

rewind is a private counteraction to very public social media feeds
it’s analysis free and hidden from any commercial influences, as user information is not shared at all
it’s your data, your content… you should own it

Who is it for?

for people wanting a private digital history for their life story & content
for people & parents concerned about data privacy & commercial influences
for people disillusioned with social media, looking for an alternative experience

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

it’s not just a linear timeline, it has nine categories, making it more like a time grid
it’s retrospective, so your timeline starts at the day you were born, not the day you downloaded the app
& it’s not only for your photos & videos

What’s next?

that’s simple… longevity !
to provide an alternative, safer digital future for my daughter and instigate a change in the way we store and share content with each other

… & to enjoy looking at my own memories when I’m old & grey !

Link to Company / App Demo video