Pitch for Recruiterbox

Company / App Name: Recruiterbox

Twitter – recruiterbox

What does it do?

Recruiterbox is a small business recruitment tool that helps companies screen, track & discuss job applications in an easy way.

Why do we need it?

Hiring isn\\\’t easy. Opening each emailed application, downloading the attached resume, and screening it is tedious. Often, we end up with clogged inboxes, messy spreadsheets, and information lost beneath a pile of email.

Who is it for?

Hiring is particularly painful for small-businesses and startups where employees take time out of their normal responsibilities to assist hiring efforts of their company. Recruiterbox is designed for exactly such kinds of small firms

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Most recruitment software is built for large companies, and is consequently cumbersome & expensive. Recruiterbox is delightfully simple and built to get the job done, not to overwhelm. At a price that will make you smile.

What’s next?

Recruiterbox has been in existence for only a few months, and already has a small but happy customer base. In 2011, we plan to focus on sales and hope to exceed 100 paid customers.

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