Pitch for PopuGamer

Company / App Name: PopuGamer

Twitter – popugamer

What does it do?

PopuGamer is a crowd-sourced video gaming review site focused 100% on user reviews. We’re bucking the antiquated game reviews paradigm and bringing video game review power back to real, everyday gamers.

Why do we need it?

PopuGamer provides an alternative to professional video game reviews, which can be potentially biased. At PopuGamer, our users decide what games are relevant without the influence of publishing deadlines or game company promotions.

Who is it for?

PopuGamer is for all gamers – not just those with relationships with game companies or access to pre-release games – to discuss, debate, and discover great games. With PopuGamer, you’ll get honest reviews from real, everyday gamers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

At PopuGamer, our content, reviews, and rankings are all submitted by our users. Our front page is not a giant billboard or full of whatever game companies are pushing. It is full of content that our users are actually talking about!

What’s next?

Our next steps are to continue building up the PopuGamer community and making it even easier to discover great games and great reviewers.

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