Pitch for Peoplegeist

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Company / App Name: Peoplegeist


Twitter – peoplegeist

What does it do?

Real-time employee feedback without surveys from blue-collar workers in logistics, healthcare, service, field-technician and other hard-to-reach workforces
Our software collects and turns voice-feedback into structured reports.

Why do we need it?

The great resignation has shown, that blue-collar workers have been ignored for too long. Traditional employee surveys are based on lengthy questionnaires that don’t reach employees without a desk job. We have an audience optimized solution

Who is it for?

Logistics-, healthcare-, operations-managers who want to understand the employee needs to reduce employee turnover and absenteeism by providing an attractive work environment.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We are the only audience-optimized solution:
Spoken feedback – no complicated questions, multi-language: employees speak their native language, mobile low-tech: whatsapp, qr-code, embedded scanners, …, channels employees know and use.

What’s next?

Expand our voice-text analysis to include industry specific terms in gastronomy and other high-turnover fields.

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