Pitch for Out of the Pit

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Company / App Name: Out of the Pit


Twitter – @PitOutofthe

What does it do?

We are building an educational platform based on lessons of success and failure learned from the exhilarating world of Formula One

Why do we need it?

The site uniquely integrates proven lessons of performance with the dynamic world of motor racing

Who is it for?

Both adults and children who love the bigger picture all sports and especially Formula One can provide.
This is not a fan blog about F1 but utilizes the wins and losses of F1 to give the reader tools to deal with success and failure.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The site provides evergreen knowledge in a dynamic and changing sports scene

What’s next?

We are looking to grow our sight into an educational tool that provides the platform for our users through projects with the F1 teams

Link to Company / App Demo video