Pitch for Osha Resource Group


Company / App Name: Osha Resource Group

Twitter – https://twitter.com/OSHAResources

What does it do?

OSHA Resource Group is a complete OSHA compliance and risk management partner that ensures your workplace operation is fully OSHA compliant and free of safety risks.

Why do we need it?


Decrease OSHA citations and incidents

Lower workers comp claims and costs

Reduce missed time

Always be compliant with state regulations

Foster a safer more productive workplace culture

Who is it for?

OSHA Resource Group is a full-service compliance partner, offering comprehensive resources and tools to ensure your workplace operation is always OSHA compliant and always protected from violations, complaints, injuries, citations and fines

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Free Risk Assessment

Employee Profiles

Automated Reports

News & Updates, information on regulations

Online Video Training

Osha consultant

Forklift certification

What’s next?

Improve your workplace safety by facilitating communication and identifying risk spots before violations occur.Foster a safer more productive workplace culture”

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