Pitch for Niice

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Company / App Name: Niice


Twitter – https://twitter.com/Niiceapp

What does it do?

Niice is a unique brand hub that presents every brand asset in its full technicolour glory to radically transform how well teams and partners understand, find, and use your brand assets in the wild.

Why do we need it?

Niice reduces the risks & odds of branding mistakes by making it ultra-easy for creatives to provide the guidance, assets, and access to visuals that teams need in order to expertly communicate and grow their brand in the wild

Who is it for?

For brand creatives who need a more effective and scalable way to deliver brand guidance and reusable brand assets to colleagues and partners, Niice is a brand hub that caters to the DNA of designers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Unlike Google Drive and Dropbox, Niice doesn’t make asset retrieval a deep dive into a hell of hundreds and thousands of tiny icons hidden in folders. It stores all your assets in full fidelity and makes sharing large assets simple.

What’s next?

With Niice Docs, you can build a home for your brand, bringing all your guidelines, libraries and projects together in one place. This hub will be fully customisable to your brand and will feel like an extension of your business.

Link to Company / App Demo video