Pitch for MRGN

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Company / App Name: MRGN


Twitter – @MRGNbudgeting

What does it do?

MRGN is the next generation of business intelligence, providing interpretive predictive insights on top of its traditional BI solutions.

Why do we need it?

82% of small businesses that fail, do so due to preventable issues tied to cash flow oversight. The attrition rate is intolerable, and should infuriate all of us.

Who is it for?

Our user registrations have included SaaS ventures, law firms, construction companies, restaurants, food and beverage brands, and financial services firms.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

MRGN is the only end-to-end machine learning-based business intelligence solution for tech ventures and SMBs. Our ML methodology is not only proprietary, but can be applied to the mid-market and enterprise spaces as well.

What’s next?

Launching our machine learning insights and partner portal, recruiting a formal marketing team, landing four substantial deals in our pipeline and closing our seed round.

Link to Company / App Demo video