Pitch for Moziac Finance


Company / App Name: Moziac Finance


Twitter – mozaic_fi

What does it do?

A Decentralized Automatic Yield Farming Aggregator on Ethereum and zkSync

The core principle of Mozaic Finance is to provide a seamless user interface, to target both crypto and retail participants, to a one click and forget strategy

Why do we need it?

Today Defi is way too complicated for everyday users. To understand what you do, and to keep up with the best investments takes up too much time, money and know-how. We aim to simplify this process and improve the efficiency by automating

Who is it for?

Crypto enthusiasts and mums and dads

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

automation and simplicity. no one else has attempted

What’s next?

website up next week. continue to work on economics before developing the project

Link to Company / App Demo video