Pitch for MileageWise Inc.

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Company / App Name: MileageWise Inc.


Twitter – @mileagewise

What does it do?

MileageWise is a combination of a mobile & a web application. It is currently the only car mileage logging software on the US market that is capable of creating IRS-Proof mileage logs for both ongoing and retrospective purposes.

Why do we need it?

People that need mileage logs for previous years but don’t have complete mileage logs need MileageWise’s AI-powered software to rebuild these logs for them. Using MileageWise, they’re also able to convert their Google Maps trips into a log.

Who is it for?

Small business owners, self-employed people, rideshare drivers, real estate agents, and other independent contractors mostly, but employees & teams can also use it for mileage reimbursement (although they’re not our main focus).

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– Google Maps Timeline trip conversion into IRS-Proof mileage logs
– Concierge Service, which fully rebuilds a client’s mileage log (even for previous years from scratch)
– AI-powered AdWise function that fills every gap in your mileage log

What’s next?

We’re expanding in the United States as people start recognizing our unique features which make us stand out from the other mileage tracker apps. Our goal is to be among the top players in the game.