Pitch for LetuUsFollow

Company / App Name: LetuUsFollow

Twitter – let_us_follow

What does it do?

LetUsFollow is a community based website which lets you get more Twitter followers and Facebook page Likes. It works on the basis of virtual currency which users offer as incentive to others to follow them.

Why do we need it?

Twitter and Facebook have become primary tools for online marketing and having a large follower-base is very important.LetUsFollow caters to this need of companies and individuals by providing them a tool to attract new followers & fans.

Who is it for?

Bloggers,entrepreneurs,startups,home-based businessmen,product companies,marketing agents,djs,politicians,actors,artists and anyone who wants to promote themselves or their product on Twitter or Facebook page.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

LetUsFollow allows you to target your audience on the basis of age-group, gender, country and interest thereby maximizing the output of your efforts. And most importantly, the services offered by LetUsFollow are completely free.

What’s next?

LetUsFollow will soon introduce same service for increasing Youtube views and Diggs. Swaping status messages on Twitter and Facebook pages will also be introduced.

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