Pitch for Kuality AI

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Company / App Name: Kuality AI


Twitter – KualityAI

What does it do?

Our product prevents collisions and reduces their severity. It can use the integrated data to improve CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) scores, enhance compliance and exonerate drivers from expensive insurance claims.

Why do we need it?

About 94 per cent of accidents are happening because of human error. We still see misbehaviour on the roads and every single road death is one too many and we must avoid it.
Thomas Edelmann, managing director of Road Safety UAE

Who is it for?

Businesses that have commercial vehicles (trucks, vans, and buses).
For example Emirates Transport, Trukker, DHL, ENOC, ADNOC, AEG.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Safety products are complex and don’t fit UAE regulations and requirements.
Offer transparent, standardized, and stable pricing.
Offer a product that is universal and integrated with existing software.

What’s next?

We have reached serious progress to close the deal with EGA. We are looking to expand our sales and marketing, and start contacting more companies around the gulf region.