Pitch for Jackfruit

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Company / App Name: Jackfruit


Twitter – https://twitter.com/jackfruit_ai

What does it do?

At Jackfruit, we’re building a one-stop-shop for everything but the actual application. We like think of it as sales tech for the job search. Our platform (currently in closed Beta) connects with our Chrome plug-in allowing users to easily

Why do we need it?

Finding the right career with limited work experience, a small network, and minimal guidance is challenging. At best, this leads to young professionals frustrated in roles they chose because the job process was overwhelming. At worst, this

Who is it for?

Jackfruit is built for anyone searching for their next role or new ones.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Jackfruit provides project management, note-taking, and 1-click extensions to help you crush the job hunt

What’s next?

I’m going to make the job application process more transparent, accessible, and manageable for everyone. My business will overcome the issue of information asymmetry, expand and democratize the key resources needed to find dream careers.

Link to Company / App Demo video