Pitch for Herd

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Company / App Name: Herd


Twitter – @_Herd_

What does it do?

Herd is a unique private communication network that connects all members of the school community – students, teachers, administrators, and parents – on a single platform, making it easy to stay up-to-date on important school news and events

Why do we need it?

Are you tired of juggling multiple communication platforms to keep up with school updates? Herd is the solution. Our unique private communication network connects all members of the school community.

Who is it for?

Public and Private School Communities and all the parties involved (Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Parents).

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Herd is the one and only tool used by schools to centralize and streamline their communication strategy. No other platform allows schools to simply manage and oversee all communications from their very own private on-premise dashboard.

What’s next?

A successful launch! Begin spreading the word with teachers and allow them to share Herd throughout the hallways. Creating the need for a entire school to utilize the impact of synchronizing their district with Herd.

Link to Company / App Demo video