Pitch for GrabContacts

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Company / App Name: GrabContacts


Twitter – sysnucleus

What does it do?

GrabContacts is a web based lead generation platform. Users can search for contacts (email, phone, social media links) by submitting either website addresses or search queries.

Why do we need it?

If you are looking to get email, phone leads of prospective customers in your target market segment and location, then GrabContacts will help you generate those with the simplicity of a Google search.

Who is it for?

GrabContacts is for consumers and businesses in marketing, sales and lead generation.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The ability to generate leads from simple search queries like ‘Lawyers in London’ is what differentiates GrabContacts from competition. Our mission with the product is to make lead generation as simple as search!

What’s next?

There are 2 things which we plan to do next.

1. To add more sources to scrape leads for search queries. Currently we are relying on Google Maps listings.

2. To provide integrations with third party tool and services.

Link to Company / App Demo video