Pitch for Golden Made Kafé INTL


Company / App Name: Golden Made Kafé INTL

Twitter – @MadeKafe

What does it do?

Golden Made Kafe Intl. LLC is a business whose operations specialize in the Coffee Wholesaler & Distributor industry.

Why do we need it?

Based out of Houston, Golden Made Kafe Intl. LLC intends to provide superior quality product line, vast selection of choices, and knowledgeable expertise to kickstart your day.

Who is it for?

Furthermore, Golden Made Kafe Intl. LLC intends to support its growth through continuous emphasis on customer satisfaction ( coffee lovers and attract non-coffee drinker), introduction to product enhancements and/or additional services.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

providing exclusive blends inspired by American, French, and African recipes to kickstart and give our clients a productive day. We are committed to not only meeting but exceeding our customers’ expectations by maintaining the high quality

What’s next?

Golden Made Kafe Intl. LLC’s key objective is to capture market share in the Coffee Wholesaler & Distributor industry by offering competitively priced goods and services, quality product line, building a strong and skilled personnel team.

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