Pitch for Ellacard

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Company / App Name: Ellacard


Twitter – ellacardme

What does it do?

Ellacard improves employee morale with our platform of group cards, videos, and gift cards. Each product is collaborative and gives employees an easy yet meaningful way to come together and support one another during special occasions.

Why do we need it?

Employee recognition is broken due to a lack of simple yet meaningful ways for coworkers support one another in the workplace. The result of this is that most employee special occasions are celebrated with a mundane email if at all.

Who is it for?

Ellacard is implemented by managers and HR who are looking to foster better workplace camaraderie by giving their employees a means to celebrate and support one another collaboratively. Our end users span all employees in the workplace.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Ellacard stands out with our breadth of products that are best-in-class due to our superior technology, our suite of powerful organization tools that create a truly immersive experience, and our flexible pricing options.

What’s next?

Our motto at Ellacard is “Easy to make, amazing to receive”, and we are working hard to continue making our current products better and easier to use, as well as release a suite of new products.