Pitch for Curated News

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Company / App Name: Curated News


What does it do?

Curated News is a news aggregation platform that provides misinformation proof news at a fraction of the cost of major companies, like Facebook, strengthening user information consumption habits without compromising democratic values.

Why do we need it?

News revenue strategies rely on ad-tracking technologies to serve you content to increase ratings. Scandalous stories centered on outrage have been shown to increase user activity and ratings, deepening the cycle of misinformation.

Who is it for?

News is the primary mechanism people use to drive their daily decisions. Information quality is of the utmost importance for those who want to make high quality decisions, including consumers who want to get quality information faster.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There are currently no secure news aggregators that utilize the statistical methodology Curated News employs. Furthermore, there are no platforms that serve high quality information content while simultaneously producing democratic values.

What’s next?

Curated News has looked to expand its statistical methodology to information drivers outside traditional news-focused areas, including medical study information, providing a “channel” where you can see the wide application of its method.