Pitch for Chorograph


Company / App Name: Chorograph

Twitter – chorographltd

What does it do?

A temporal graph analytics platform that enables users to visualise the interconnectivity between data nodes and how this evolves over time, enabling predictive analytics within networks (social media, blockchain, urban analytics, health).

Why do we need it?

Existing solutions do not allow for time-varying analytics of graphs, with issues in processing dynamic datasets and those of extraordinary size. Our solution helps to legitimise blockchain, monitor spread of disease and transport behaviour

Who is it for?

Organisations looking to identify patterns between data nodes. Insurance industries looking for risk data, financial crime institutions looking for blockchain wallet tracking, governments looking for health tracking and transport data.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our solution brings three degrees of new capability. Allowing for analytics on dynamic datasets, enabling time-varying analytics and distributing datasets to allow for analytics on extraordinary datasets. No solution has had this approach.

What’s next?

Further development is required to take the solution from it’s research edition to an enterprise edition – looking at mass feature implementation and various optimisations. The solution aims to be commercially available from mid 2021.