Pitch for AVDA Inc.


Company / App Name: AVDA Inc.


Twitter – @avdainc

What does it do?

AVDA is an innovative solution that simplifies the nature of job placements by translating resumes into easy to comprehend data that can quickly be filtered, saving companies time and money.

Why do we need it?

With AVDA, job seekers and employers can take advantage of a single platform that successfully fills the gaps of other recruitment Apps or services. Job seekers only need to sign up once and go through a quick, 5-minute onboarding process.

Who is it for?

AVDA makes this sophisticated service exceptionally accessible and affordable to small businesses and job seekers while giving them a mobile friendly dating app like experience. Think bumble but for jobs.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The App provides an excellent verification system, using social media links, derogatory marks for no shows, and verified profiles. There are advanced filtering options that both job seekers and employers can take advantage of.

What’s next?

AVDA plans to incorporate AI into the app to match users better with the perfect job fit or employer. We also plan on incorporating premium profiles and hiring assistance as well as a web based platform in the future.

Link to Company / App Demo video