Pitch for Amzini

Company / App Name: Amzini

Twitter – amzini_com

What does it do?

Amzini is the first search directory specialized to help you find, compare, and learn about social opportunities that cater to your needs.

Why do we need it?

Traditional search engines make it very hard to find and learn about social networks. Amzini organizes the social web to make it simple to find where people with similar interests are gathering online.

Who is it for?

Amzini is for anyone who wants to meet, exchange ideas, or share with interesting people like them, and for businesses to discover targeted markets in their niche.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Amzini is the first service of its kind. With detailed information on over 800 communities and multiple search methods and criteria to find them, Amzini is by far the simplest way to learn about social networking.

What’s next?

Amzini will continue to roll out features to make it easier to discover great social opportunities, but now its up to users to rate, review, and contribute.

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