Beta Pitch for Syft

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Company / App Name: Syft
Twitter – syfted

What does it do?

Syft curates and delivers a daily batch of your old photos.

Why do we need it?

Digging through photo collections and organizing them in any useful way is a daunting task. Syft turns that chore into a fun daily routine, rewarding you with doses of nostalgia and fun conversations with friends.

Who is it for?

Syft currently targets 20-somethings: folks who have longer social media histories (and therefore a more robust social photo library for Syft’s technology to tap) but are old enough to enjoy reminiscing with friends.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Syft’s slick, simple design makes it fun to quickly swipe through your daily delivery of throwback pics and seamless start conversations with friends. Over time, Syft can learn from a user’s action to better predict the pics to resurface.

When and how are you opening up your beta to new users?

Beta testers can download our iOS beta build here:

When do you plan on launching?

We plan to launch towards the end of May