Pitch for Xeno


Company / App Name: Xeno

Twitter – @xeno12940091

What does it do?

We are developing a toolkit based on the most recent advancements in AI for natural language processing. It’s called Xeno. It reads through and understands any text and summarises it depending on your length and key aspects needs.

Why do we need it?

Xeno relieves the agony of reading through massive amounts of texts and just gives you the key points of the text instead. It makes you more productive and saves you a lot of time. It’s very practical for making reports and study notes.

Who is it for?

At it’s early stages it’s mostly used by students and researchers for reading through massive amounts of text. But in reality, it’s meant for anyone who has a lot of text to read and a limited amount of time to do it.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Xeno can summarise all languages in all scripts, as long as they aren’t symbolic (e.g. Chinese or Japanese), without using machine learning for every specific language. It is also capable of reading and summarising 35 000 words long texts.

What’s next?

After enough positive feedback from the users, we intend on making Xeno an omnipresent summarisation tool that can summarise all languages including symbolic ones, and make it into a tool that can read through any text format, including pdf

Link to Company / App Demo video