Pitch for WiSaw (incognito pics)

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Company / App Name: WiSaw (incognito pics)


Twitter – echowaves

What does it do?

No registration, no sign in — just open the app, start taking photos and short videos, and see what’s posted by other people nearby today.
This is the most minimalistic social sharing possible, yet, it’s probably the most relevant one.

Why do we need it?

It addresses Peer For Peer (P4P) Identity Management in Social Networks.

Who is it for?

Any one who wants to share content online anonymously and expose identity to friends directly (instead of trusting it to the 3rd party company storage).

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

All the social sharing platforms rely on user profile and identity stored in the centralized location. You never share PII data with WiSaw, so it can never loose data it does not collect.

What’s next?

Gaining critical mass MAU will make it more interesting and exciting for general public.

Link to Company / App Demo video