Pitch for WedImg.com | Wedding Images Online

Company / App Name: WedImg.com | Wedding Images Online

Twitter – wedimg

What does it do?

Allows photographers to upload their portfolio to be found by brides in their area. Allows brides to find the best photographer in their budget in their area.

Why do we need it?

Currently we find photographers based on how good their website building skills are. WedImg is a way to help photographers be photographers; and get more clients. It helps brides compare photographers directly, and have the best rise up!

Who is it for?

Brides, the grooms who care and wedding photographers!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We allow photographers to post entire portfolios, have a voting and ranking system, allow creation of favorites, internal messaging and we ARE NOT letting people pay for position. Quality photography is what drives the site.

What’s next?

The public sharing of favorite lists and more bridal tools. So far we have focused the beta on the photographers experience. The bridal experience is coming soon!

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