Pitch for Vibemap


Company / App Name: Vibemap


Twitter – vibemap

What does it do?

Vibemap is a city discovery app that connects you with meaningful places, experiences, and people that match your vibe.

Why do we need it?

We believe that in-person, social relationships are crucial to our well-being. Vibes can lead to unexpected sources of connection. We each have an emotional life whose energy changes. We constantly navigate this changing energy or what we c

Who is it for?

Vibemap is for the “city curious”- People who want to get out and explore new places and stay connected to the pulse of the city.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Vibemap uses location based, natural language processing to match you with the vibes in your city. Vibemap’s recommendation system is always trying to connect you with places, events and experiences that really match the vibe you search for

What’s next?

Check it out: Use Vibemap to find places to go, and things to do, based on vibe, activity, time of day and location.