Pitch for Unfiltered

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Company / App Name: Unfiltered


What does it do?

It’s a search engine that moves the power from the back end to the user. User can define how to find a something using any number of any combination of 18 different AI driven data processes. Gets away from the search bubble.

Why do we need it?

The ability to constrict information is a form of control. We need to be promoting open conversation. This tool allows for transparency in how the data is being discovered.

Who is it for?

News hounds, journalists, investors, businesses & researchers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There’s nothing like this in the space. All existing search engines give you a textbox to enter criteria into. The use inductive logic and reasoning. We can move past that with AI driven data processing.

What’s next?

The database the engine searches only contains three days of data. With user acceptance we’ll increase the size of that block. Three days is about 60 gig on SSD spindles.

Link to Company / App Demo video