Pitch for TypiNation – Typing Game


Company / App Name: TypiNation – Typing Game


What does it do?

TypiNation is a multiplayer community typing game where you can compete & improve your typing speed along with other players all around the world.

Why do we need it?

A game that allows you to improve your typing speed. Along with reading real quotes that were said by famous people in the past.
Or make it more educational by practice typing books !

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to challenge himself / his friends or wants to improve typing speed.

Available for *ALL PLATFORMS* – Computers, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Stenographers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

You can type books, challenge your friends and improve typing speed.
TypiNation is the only app in Google play that shows you your typing speed progress.
There isn’t any other platform that supports stenographers better than TypiNation.

What’s next?

There are many features available for: Guests, Registered Users, Verified Registered Users & Premium Members.
Anyone who signs up gets a meaningful page about his typing skills.
Feel free to explore the gamemodes!