Pitch for Trivy

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Company / App Name: Trivy


Twitter – nisaTechnologi3

What does it do?

Trivy is a simple mobile application that helps its users create fun,educative and personal trivia questions.

Why do we need it?

Trivy helps you connect with your partner, friends and family in a fun way by asking each other questions and learning about each other. Since Trivy focuses on custom trivia questions you are able to compete and challenge one another .

Who is it for?

Trivy is a game and entertainment app to keep yourself and others busy by either engaging in setting trivias or answering trivias.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Trivy has a simple and unique design hence it is very easy to use. We offer amazing animated backgrounds to display trivia questions. Trivy requires no login and we do not ask you for any personal information.

What’s next?

We plan on making Trivy more fun by incorporating more variations of questions. We also plan on adding more background scenes to choose from.

Link to Company / App Demo video