Pitch for Thecodecure

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Company / App Name: Thecodecure

Twitter – thecodecure

What does it do?

TheCodeCure is a new Hub to the best learning resources in Technology. On our platform, we curate the best online courses, tutorials, videos, books… available on a specific technology and help our readers learn more efficiently.

Why do we need it?

Learning Tech is more accessible than ever, and people are increasingly looking for resources to learn on the internet. But with so much content available, they waste much time …instead of doing what matters for them: learning!

Who is it for?

All tech learners, developers, computer science students.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– experts human-sourced lists per technology/ topic instead of APIs connecting to all course providers,
– our approach to learn a specific topic: we provide learners with advice, tools, links to related communities, and

What’s next?

We just launched the product and have lots of new features to come (upvotes, course providers listing, review and comparison, …)

Link to Company / App Demo video