Pitch for The Sesame Company


Company / App Name: The Sesame Company


What does it do?

The Sesame Giraffe is a multi-functional phone accessory, allowing you to interact with potentially contaminated public surfaces. We have also put a heavy emphasis on the Sesame Giraffe being a practical phone accessory in all situations.

Why do we need it?

The Sesame Giraffe will prove handy whether you’re staying safe on-the-go, being productive in the office, or resting cozy at home. The Sesame Giraffe is the perfect all-in-one phone accessory.

Who is it for?

The current generation of Touchless Tools has received hundreds of thousands of dollars on Kickstarter, showing a clear market and audience.. The Sesame Giraffe is perfect for essential workers, travelers, and everyone else!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The design concept of current of Touchless Tool is fundamentally flawed. With the Sesame Giraffe your phone acts as a handle giving you inherent ergonomic leverage and torque, with no keys or fobs jangling around below the tool.

What’s next?

The purpose of our Kickstarter campaign is to work with our backers to manufacture and distribute the Sesame Giraffe Touchless Tool. The campaign will allow us to finalize manufacturing details such as materials and manufacturing methods.

Link to Company / App Demo video