Company / App Name: TA DA INOVATIONS LLP

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Reeseller1?s=08

What does it do?

-Wholesalers can upload their products directly on the app
-Resellers can buy them at cheap prices , keep their margin and sell them
-We’ll collect the product and also deliver it
– We’ll also collect cash and transfer back the margin.

Why do we need it?

With many of them opting to work from home, where it highly benefits Freelancers and skilled jobs. With increase in Online buying one has or can do business from home and earn extra by selling products online with zero investment and no risk.

Who is it for?

Resellers, housewives, college students, women entrepreneurs, shop & boutique owners, wholesale traders or anyone looking for extra earning. It can help corporate companies for bulk and uniform orders.
Anyone with a huge social groups

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The Reeseller app targets social sellers i.e. housewife or small business owners that sell through different social platforms like facebook , whatsapp , insta etc.

Which is a huge market in Asia, where one can earn with no investment .

What’s next?

We have connected with a lot of wholesalers who has agreed to supply us and collected a database for more then 20000 resellers , now all we have to do is to upload the products, market and sell them to as many resellers as possible.

Link to Company / App Demo video