Pitch for Sippd


Company / App Name: Sippd

Twitter – @sippd

What does it do?

Sippd is an innovative Chrome extension using artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide users with personalized wine recommendations that continually evolves with their tastes. Effortlessly find and order the perfect bottles.

Why do we need it?

Sippd is the best way to discover wines you’ll love.

Stop wasting your money on bottles you don’t like and instead, simplify and transform your online wine experience with Sippd, the AI-powered personal sommelier that knows your palate.

Who is it for?

Sippd is for wine lovers of all levels! From the novice wine consumer to the wine experts across the United States, everyone can ensure they’ll enjoy the bottle before ordering it. Foodies will also love Sippd with our food pairing filter.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Sippd is the best desktop tool for winos. We’re able to provide users with personal Taste Match scores to more than 40,000 wines and be 90%+ accurate after only 3 wine reviews.

We believe it’s essential to make wine less intimidating.

What’s next?

Sippd is very excited to announce an affiliate partnership with Drizly, which will allow our users to get the best wine for their tastes on the same day. We’re also building out a community section where users can interact with others.

Link to Company / App Demo video