Pitch for Secure File Exchange

Company / App Name: Secure File Exchange

Twitter – sfxchange

What does it do?

Secure File Exchange offers a super simple web interface to attach, send and receive confirmation that your recipient has received their file. With the comfort knowing that only your recipiant got your file and that it was always protected.

Why do we need it?

Traditionally people will attach a file to an email and click send without a second thought. Little did they know that their confidential file was open and readable to every email server along the way, much like a postcard in the mail

Who is it for?

The app is perfect for anyone sending or receiving sensitive information from partners, customers, members et. Banks, credit unions, lawyers, accountants and medical professionals have all found the application useful.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our focus on security, there’s many other players itrying to make it easier to send large files but little of them have the background in banking security to ensure that the little things that ensure security have been thought

What’s next?

We’re always excited to see feedback from our customers so we’re constantly developing to add new features to make it even more simple to send and receive files from more people from more places.

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