Pitch for Protection Zone Managemen

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Company / App Name: Protection Zone Management


Twitter – pzm_app

What does it do?

Protection Zone Management-PZM-is cloud based software designed to manage all electric utility assets. Electric utilities rely on PZM’s cloud-based software to manage their substation inspections, power line inspections & electrical assets.

Why do we need it?

Designed for electric utilities, PZM takes the guesswork out of substation and power line inspections. With PZM’s mobile app, field inspectors track and collect the correct information on all substation and power line equipment.

Who is it for?

PZM is enterprise software for: Electric Utilities, Electric Cooperatives, Municipalities and the Mining Industry.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

PZM’s proprietary risk and impact scoring defines the potential risk and customer impact with every asset in a utility. Highlighting equipment that has substantial impact on outages, PZM helps management direct resources to the best use.

What’s next?

The next features for PZM are knowing what to work on next, where to work on it, and how to do the work is simple with PZM’s agile work management software.