Pitch for Polycred


Company / App Name: Polycred

Twitter – PolycredApp

What does it do?

Easily generate unique email aliases for website signups and take control of your email privacy and security. Keep your personal email address hidden without the hassle of a separate inbox.

Why do we need it?

An increasing number of companies are selling your data and leaking your contact information, making your personal email address a primary target for hackers, identity thieves and advertisers. No matter how many times you block those pesky

Who is it for?

Polycred is for any individual or company wanting to increase their privacy and security and stop email spam.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Traditionally this problem has been solved by temporary and disposable email generator services. Unlike these services, Polycred allows you to generate email aliases directly on the websites you use, without changing email providers.

What’s next?

Users can currently add their own custom domains to Polycred that have been purchased through another provider, but we want to allow users to buy custom domains directly through our website to make it extremely easy to add a custom domain.